Jan.1, 2000, the North River, MA

Went for a midnight canoe ride with Bandit as the new century began. We'll paddle in from the ocean with the tide in the morning and hit the road. No more New England winter's for Bandit.

March, 2000, New Mexico

Walked here from San Diego pushing Bandit in a three wheeled stroller I customized to camp with, but the heat and the journey are taking their toll on Bandit. Though he often hops out and rounds around for part of the day it is becoming more difficult for him to eat.

April 3rd, 2000, Pecos, Tx
I need to cancel the rest of the trip. Bandit's not going to make it across the country and I don't want his life ending out here on the road in some strange place.

April 5, 2000
Woke up in the bushes of the El Paso International Airport. Bandit's dying. I hitch-hiked here from Pecos carrying him. Taking the advice of the trucker, Doug, who dropped us off here I'm going to rent a car the rest of the way to San Diego to get the truck. The border patrol and police in this part of the country aren't too friendly.
El Paso, TX

Dec.30th, 2000
Bandit's gone, so is Tricia. Lost the truck's rear drive shaft in a snow bank along with reverse. Heading south in four-wheel-low to find some place warm to edit the movie.

Dec.31st, 2000
Hit a blizzard in NYC. It was a white out. Abandoned cars littered the sides of the freeway, the toll boths were closed, I just drove right through them, many times the truck was at a crawl with me praying we didn't lose momentum with no reverse I'd be done. Managed to get a few car lengths behind a plow on the NJ Turnpike and followed it right out of the metropolis. When I stopped for gas somewhere in Virginia where people were wearing shorts and t-shirts, there was snow and ice still on the Blazer. I'm just outside Savanah. I've got about three hours to make it to the Gulf of Mexico before midnight with the truck toppin' out at 55mph in low, the only gear I've got left. It's possible.

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