Novembe 16th, 1996, Portland, ME
I sold my old convertible and my motorcycle. I move out of my apartment tommorow. Greg, Randy, Garside and some other guys came up this weekend and we went out bar hoppin' last night. We had a good time. I was pretty lit by the time we got to Zootz. It's the only club that stays open 'til 3 in Portland. I usually don't get that drunk, but I figured....whateva. I sent Bandit back with Greg and Randy this afternoon becuase I have to drive the U-Haul. It's late. I'm about half done packing. A tiny little mouse is up and darting around the apartment. The thing's wicked friggin' fast. I live in a pretty nice apartment building, but I guess when you're up real late and quiet you get to see what goes on while you're sleepin'. I guess I'm hittin' the road real soon. I don't even know how exactly. I just know I'm goin'. I finished up at the feedstore this week. The band has broken up. I still talk to all the guys except Joe. I've said good-bye to the kids at the Boys and Girls club. I promised Vejay that if he gets good grades, I'll write a scene into the script I'm working on so he and his buddies can do some break dancin'. I'm gonna pick up some work roofin' with Sonnie down in Hull, Ma. for a month or so while stayin' at my parents. That should be interesting. I figure New Year's Day will be a good day to leave.

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