Jan.1, 1997
Hit the road in the Mustang.
South Boston, MA

Jan.8, 1997, Wilmington, North Carolina (Happy Birthdday Francis)
I have exactly what I wished for. A year ago I was in a very different kind of situation and all I wanted to do was break out and run free. Not run away from anything, not run to anything, just run. Now I'm here. It's nighttime and it's raining in this empty parking lot. The feeling of being free has come and gone. I have busted out with no ties to anyone or anything. Tommorrow the feeling of being free will return again.

Jan.24, 1997, Carrabelle, FL

Made it to the gulf of Mexico. The ocean (or gulf) puts me at ease. Maybe it's growing up along the coast or maybe it has this affect on everyone no matter where they grow up.

June 5, 1997.

I'm speaking today at the Joint Cities Meeting in Pismo Beach about community. Last night I drove out to this quite little spot I found by the ocean. There's a fresh water creek here that empties out onto the beach among the giant rocks along the coast. All cleaned up.
Montana de Oro State Park,
Los Osos, CA

June 7, 1997
Pulled up behind a hardware store and asked them if I could rummage through their cardboard dumpster for some boxes. Made a "FOR SALE" sign out of one of them and stuck it on the Mustang. Put what things I was keeping in another box. Before I finished, some dude came by and bought the Mustang for $500, the price of a plain ticket from San Francisco to Washington D.C. I'm going to meet Rich there. He wants me to go with him to a Promise Keepers Meeting they're holding at R.F.K. Stadium. There's suppose to be like 60,000 men there promising to live for Jesus. I'll check it out. I'm, also, going make an appointment at the Center for Community Media in Washington D.C. It is a network organization for over 900 community access stations all across the country. I've resurrected an old motorcycle in Steve's junkyard he said I could have if I could get it running. I'll drive it to San Fran. Steve knows a guy up there I can leave it with when I get there.
Morro Bay, CA

June 8, 1997
Met David and Denise at church. I guess I was quite a sight, leather jacket, grease all over my pants and no phony smile. The motorcyle's running o.k., but it doesn't have much compression which makes it sluggish on hills. David travels to San Francisco once a week for work and offered to take me that way so I wouldn't have to worry about the bike making it. I've got less than a week before my flight which isn't much time to fix the bike and get my ass up there. I've only flown a couple times. My flight is at night, Friday, the 13th. The next day, Saturday, is my birthday, so if I'm gonna go down in a plane this would be it. David drives a Porsche 944 and said I could use it while he's at work in San Fran. Gitty up.
Morro Bay, CA

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