Jan.1st, 1998, Boston, MA
Rob dropped me off at South Station. Rachael didin't want me to go. The pack's about 75lbs.

Jan.2nd, 1998, New York, NY
Finished makin my down sleep bag. Dave's couch.

Jan.5th, 1998, Washington D.C.
Slept under the statue of Albert Einsten. There's rats everywhere at night.

Jan.6th, 1998, Washington D.C.
Met with D.C. station.

Jan.8th, 1998, Washington D.C.
A secret service agent told of a youth hostel. My shoulders are feelin a little pain. Walked all night, reached the hostel just before first light. Grabbed a little sleep had to check out by 11am.

Jan.9th, 1998, Fairfax, VA
Met with Fairfax station.

*Lisa Deleonardis, a place to stay

Jan.10th, 1998, Virginia, Beach, VA
Caught bus to Virginia Beach, still a little too cold this far north.

Jan.11th, 1998, Virginia, Beach, VA
Got a cheap room on the beach to regroup and sort out some gear. 75lbs is too heavy to cover the kind of distance I want to in a day.

Jan.14th, 1998, Virginia, Beach, VA
Lost a bunch of gear. It wasn't tied to my pack well enough. Didn't even notice it fall. Got a little sleep curled up on some rocks under a drainage culvert.

Jan.15th, 1998, Virginia, Beach, VA
Bought a real down sleeping bag. Mine didn't have baffles and the cold night air was penetrating the seems.

Jan.16th, 1998, Virginia, Beach, VA
Decided to head down the coast and out of the busy congested area of Virginia Beach to find a quiet stretch of beach to start my walk. Met Doug gettin an ice cream. Asked him for a few directions and he offered to give me a ride.

*Doug and Jason for givin me a place to crash and work on gear.

Jan.22nd, 1998, New Bern, NC
Climbed out under the belly of bridge over the bay and slept.

*Frank with Oli for a ride futher south.

Jan.23rd, 1998, New Bern, NC

*Eric Faucher and his mother, Elizabeth, for a place to get cleaned up and a good night's rest.

April 5, 1998, Paducah, KY
I can feel the stare of a cop parked across the street. Although he would have made my journey more difficult, I miss Lucipher. I was surprised when he jumped up to watch me walk away barely reaching the back window of Travis' truck. I was also surprised by how it made me feel. Letting go isn't easy sometimes, but I couldn't have found a better home for him. Travis is a good guy and a 600 acre farm is great place for any dog to live especially for the one I know Lucipher will grow up to be; wild and free. (later the cop stopped me and took more than he gave) W.Paducah, KY

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