March 14th, 2008, Tillamook, Oregon

I tried. I took a job for the money. Today was my last day. Thanks to my friend, James, I landed it the first week in January. I've never worked so little and got paid so much in my life. I worked 10 times as hard back in Maine at the feed store and got paid a fraction of the amount. It finally came to the point where I'd have to stop caring completely about what I was doing if I stayed any longer and I won't do that, so I gave my two weeks notice and today it ended. The only consolation was all the guys I met. I've worked a lot of jobs in a lot of different places and the guys I met on this job were a great bunch and I'll miss 'em. They all have roots and reasons, like families, for having to turn a blind eye working for a big company and the money and what it does for them is worth it. Who would blame them? But, I'm still free and this is one major reason why I never started a family because then I'd be at the mercy of a system that can really take a toll on a person's spirit. God love all the guys (and girls) stickin out in the cold wet weather day in and day out to provide for their families. I don't believe a person should have to turn a blind eye in order to make enough money to provide for themselves and their loved ones and now I guess I'll have to prove it...or never have any.

*James Davis for hooking me up.
*Wally and Diane Nelson for givin me a place to get cleaned up.
*Bill Farnum for givin a place to regroup at and work on my vehicle (I had to buy one temporarily so I could bring Job to work).
*Nice lady in the silver car who stopped in the middle of the night to see if we needed help.

March 28th, 2008, Astoria, Oregon

Some concepts that we may want to consider:

cancer-an uncontrolled growth beyond the normal limits, intrusion on and invasion of surrounding areas sometimes even spreading to other locations if gone untreated causing eventual death.
addiction-a compulsion of engaging in a specific activity, despite harmful consequences to health, mental state and social life.
human beings- bipedal primates belonging to the mammalian species Homo sapiens (Latin: "wise man" or "knowing man") in the family Hominidae (the great apes). Compared to other species, humans have a highly developed brain capable of abstract reasoning, language, and introspection. This mental capability, combined with an erect body carriage that frees their upper limbs for manipulating objects, has allowed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other species. DNA evidence indicates that modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago. Humans now inhabit every continent with a total population of over 6.7 billion as of March 2008. (-From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
denial- a defense mechanism in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.

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