A miracle.


Webster's dictionary defines a miracle as any one of the following: 1. A supernatural event resulting from divine intervention. 2. One of the acts worked by Christ (which revealed his divinity). 3. An extremely remarkable achievement or event. 4. An unexpected piece of luck.

Whether or not you believe in God or any other form of a higher power is not what determines whether you believe in miracles. Call it luck, call it God, call it fate, call it coincidence, call it whatever. What we call the things that happen which are beyond our control or explanation isn't important. We might as well simply call it life because life happens, has happened and will happen with or without us or our ability to understand it. We can not control life. We are products of it. We can only control ourselves or atleast the parts of ourselves we have control over which includes our attitude towards life. There is even much of our own lives we can not and do not control. We do not tell our bodies to grow though we were once children and we are now adults. We do not tell our bodies to digest food though we eat everday and that food gives us energy to live. We do not tell our bodies to heal though when we injure ourselves something inside us knows how to make it better. I doubt anyone would call these familiar events miracles though they are beyond our control and they are actually pretty amazing. One might, however, consider something like the event of child birth a miracle. I'm sure any mother who just recently experienced it or any father who recently witnessed it would call it one. At a minimum, I think we could agree that a miracle is something that though we may personally experience it is so amazing, so beautiful and so beyond ourselves that we have no choice but to be in awe of it.

If there is a link between ourselves and miracles or their possibility it is our attitiude towards the parts of life we have no control over. We are a part of life as are the parts that we can not control and together we make up the whole, so it is only logical to believe we can have some influence on the relationship we have with these parts even if we can't control them. If we fear the parts of life we can not control a wall of energy forms between us and them cutting ourselves off from the benefits of being completely part of the whole. Contrarily, if we desire a stronger relationship with all of life including the parts we can not control we make ourselves available to every benefit life, supernatural and otherwise, has to offer.
Luckily for me, I do believe in God and Jesus and all those who have the courage to love above all else.

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