Growing up I was told:

pollution we are creating is poisoning the atmosphere creating acid rain which kills plants and vegetables.
chemicals found in aerosol cans are causing a whole in the ozone layer, a part of the earth's atmosphere that allows life to exist on the planet.
the world's rainforests which provide a major portion of the oxygen in the air that we breath are being cut down at a rate of something like an acre a minute.
our president lied under oath.
nuclear weapons that we and other countries posses could blow up the planet several times over.
the greatest cause to all global and social problems human beings face is our uncontrollable population growth.
the United States makes up something like 18% of the world's population, yet we consume 60% of it's resources.
nuclear power plants create radioactive waste that is extremely poisonous to humans and all life forms and will be for thousands and thousands of years so we bury it deep underground.
cars, trucks, factories and oil burning furnaces used to heat most homes pollute our atmosphere making sunlight harmful to humans causing skin cancer while at the same time altering the global climate causing unpredictable and catastrophic weather conditions.
the global oil shortage is causing international conflict and war killing thousands of soldiers and innocent civilians.

This list could continue, but it's too negative to continue with.
As I was becoming an adult I saw none of these issues being addressed or even being taken seriously, (oh wait, I think we fixed the aerosol can thing.) yet I was suppose to forget all this and drive a car, get a job, make money, buy a house, get married, have some kids, let them learn all the same stuff then expect them to forget it all, too. And, adults wonder why our youth are so disenchanted.

If being dependent on electricty can harm people that aren't even born yet then I won't be dependent on it.
If being unable to live without a car causes war and pollution then I'll live without one.
If making money our number one prioroty keeps us divided then I won't make it mine.


never give up

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