Long ago, we left on a journey. One day while we were making our way through the forest we got off course. The leaders of the group didn't tell us. They feared it would cause a panic jeopardizing safety and morale. Our group trusted its leaders so we kept going without knowing we'd lost our direction. Members of the group that enjoyed a high level of status and privilege knew we were off course, but didn't say anything either because they didn't want anything to change that would affect their position. A few other intelligent members of the group learnt we'd strayed, but believed nothing could be done about it and just went along secretly losing hope in our journey. Other members were so distracted by their own lives and the inner drama of the group that they never realized we were off course and many were just too busy keeping up to notice.

I was born and grew up in the group long after this happened, but as I became a young man I knew something wasn't right. I tried to talk to my elders about it, but no one wanted to listen. They raised me to be honest, hard-working and to always do what's right which made it impossible for me to follow in the direction we were headed. I thought if I could find the place that we were trying to get to and bring proof of it back then maybe people would listen, so I left.