He needs a place where he can run free like when we lived on the farm up in Maine or like when we've been traveling all across America. But, he also needs a warm dry place that is always home to him. Unlike me or Bandit, my last dog, all Job has ever known is freedom. He was a stray before I found him just under a year old. What he didn't know was safety and stability. After a few months of living with me on the farm he began to receive these things. He was growing confident and bolder not afraid to try something new and throw caution to the wind. As we traveled, he loved it, but I noticed as time progressed some of his caution returned. Trauma is associative. Being back on the road eventhough now he was with me reminded him of whatever happened to him when he was a pup. As we made new friends in our travels, I saw how Job lit up when we were around other people especially families and it started me thinking. So, when he injured his foot a second time I started to seriously consider whether being o the road with me was the best thing for him. In the back of my mind I began exploring the possibilty of finding him a home, but it couldn't be just any home. It couldn't be in the south for one thing which was where we were. It'd be too hot for him done there in the summer. We're in Massachusetts now and for the last month most of my days have been spent at the hospital wth my mother or meeting with doctors. Job's had to wait for me at my mother and father's house only getting a small dose of the lifestyle he's used to. It's probably still a better life than most dogs have. We still have fun. I still take up the river in the canoe when I get a few hours to spare, but it's only once in a while. This isn't why I adopted him. I want him to have the freedom and the stabilty he deserves. It's been a very hard decision to come to, but when I remind myself that he'll have a better life it makes it easier. Good luck to anyone whose interested in adopting him because they're going to have to meet with my approval. If they think a beautiful handsome dog would be a nice accessory to their life then Job's not the dog for them. But, I know there are people out there who have the right attitude and life for a big lovable dog and that's who I'll find. If I don't then it's because God wants him top stay with me.

Job is not fixed. None of my dogs have been and it's never been a problem. My last lab lived to be 14, wasn't aggressive and didn't make any unwanted puppies. I realize it is common practice to have your dog fixed nowadays, but the reasons used to build a case for this practice stems from a human problem not a canine one. Bad owners are the problem, not bad dogs. If you are a responsible caring owner who always knows where your dog is there is no need to get them fixed. I know many people disagree and that's fine. I guess I'm just a naturalist.

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