(This took place and 2004. Job was never put up for adoption.)

The perfect dog needs the perfect home.
A family illness has required us to move to Massachusetts where he won't be able to have the life he deserves.
He's extremly well trained and behaved. He doesn't even need a leash.
He loves people, children and other dogs.
He's up to date on all his shots and annual check ups.
He's excellent in the house, but he's not a fulltime house dog. He's a big dog and needs a lot of room to run.
He's 3yrs old.

If interested:
1. please include what town you live in.
2. please include how big your yard is.
3. please include where and with whom Job will spend his days.
4. please include whether or not he would be your first dog or if you've had others.

I know there are many families and dog owners who love their pets. This is half the criteria for placing Job in a new home. The other half is freedom. I am "trapped", for lack of a better word, in a congested area of Massachusetts, so what I'm trying to find for Job is a home where he'll be loved, but also where he'll receive the freedom he's used to by the simple facts of his prospective new owner's lifestyle. I'm aware one could think I'm being too picky for a person who is giving up a dog, but until I do he is still my responsibility. If all I wanted to do was get rid of him I would have just brought him to a shelter. I hope no one feels I'm being judgemental about my "pickiness", but I want to find the best home I can for Job and I hope any possible new owners want this too even if it's not with them. Thank you for your patience.

peace, Chris John

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