If you look at the photo of me toasting a bagel on the wood stove, you'll see the space around the stove is empty. On the day of the fire I had stacked damp wood between the walls and the stove so that the wood would dry which I have done countless times, but on this particular day I did something that I never do. I opened the damper all the way and then left the trailer and walked up to the farmhouse to look for a new diesel truck on the internet. I never leave the damper open while I am away from the trailer. The stove would burn too hot unattended, but it was very cold the last few days and I had been away looking at a truck I was interested in buying and everything in the trailer was frozen solid, my food, water, etc, so I let it burn hot thinking I'd be back in a few minutes. I lost track of time searching ebay for a good used diesel truck and when I returned to the trailer smoke was pouring out of the chimney and from around the door. I opened the door and the entire trailer was full of smoke. A fire had started in the wood stacked behind the stove against the wall. It wasn't extremely large, yet. I quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher that I keep near the stove and aimed it at the flames crawling up the wall, but nothing happened. It was, also, frozen solid, a tough way to find out that particular brand of fire extinguisher does not work in temperatures below 32 degrees. Having gained new strength from the outside air rushing in the doorway the fire began to grow. The 5 gallon bucket of water I keep in the trailer for washing dishes wasn't any use of course, either. By the time I ran to the farm house to get another fire extinguisher and back to the trailer the fire had grown considerably and was now bigger than one extinguisher could put out, so I ran back to the house for another one. Back and forth I ran until I ran out of fire extinguishers and replaced them with buckets of water, but the fire grew stronger and stronger until there was nothing I could do, but jam the door shut to cut off the air supply and call the fire department. That's when I took this picture. I think I'm done with vehicles.