This is a list of all the people I've met on my journey who did more than they needed to.
They went out of their way and reached out to a stranger, or a friend, whose path had crossed with theirs.

Rachael Patrick
Uncle Joe
Mary Braman and Mark Neuwirth
Marlon Grace
Mary Condit
David and Denise Woods
Tamiko Davies
Richard Bernard

Robert Cheesman, Ma.
Dave Ortiz, N.Y.C.
Lisa DeLeonardis and family, Va.
Doug and Jason, Va.
John, goin’ rakin on a Sun.
Frank, on way to Cape Hatteras, N.C.
Eric and Mrs. Elizabeth Faucher, New Bern, N.C.
John at Cove City Market, super-bowl night
Man in red hat, small white truck
Chuck, teacher
Hugh, water
Boyz in big white and red Ford
Ivory, near swollen creek
Chris with Al, Statsonburg, N.C.
Guy in Volkswagon beetle
John, outside Eureka
Sam, in old scrap metal truck
Joseph, Ron, and Carl
David, Anne, Wayne, and everyone
Carl Etheridge, Freemont, N.C.
Mike and crew at CiCi’s
Patrick and Marilyn
Jeremy at cinema
John Dexter, Cary, N.C.
Bert, at campus center
Steve and Chris at Mailboxes,etc.
Kim at Tir Na Nog, Raleigh, N.C.
Vincent and Steve
Jim Miles, Lisa Gilmore, Michelle, and Bill, and Baron
Barabara and Anne, Chapel Hill
Phyllis, walking with
Lady who smiled in C.V.I.
Jack "like the beanstalk"
Nice Lady with child who offered at Talbert’s
Barry, Barabara, Elizabeth, Tucker, and David
Bobby and Bowden
Anne, without umbrella
David, Butch, Anita, Brighton, and everyone
Alan and Carol
Guy in junkyard
Old man sittin’ in the shade by the tracks
Person who waved as they drove under
Threadgill at post office
Guy who yelled at me
Kids on school bus, Greensboro, N.C.
Ric, Danika
Rebecca, the dancer at Kinko’s
Drunk man who tried to stop me
Lady who slowed down under bridge
Gentleman on Friendly St.
Young brother on campus
the career student
Clint, Susan, Conner and Mathew York
Kenny with new twins
Young guy drivin’ big yellow utility truck
Chuck, ex-marine
James and Scott
Lucile, at drugstore
Nice people at Winers
Brother at WSSU campus
Man in dark green pick-up on 4th and MLK
Norma, Louise, Lynnette and Larry
Ken, good samaritan
Jack, the remodeler
Girl on 4th St.
Guys who sent me to the Lighthouse
Woman who came back
Folks at the Food Lion especially Girl who came out after
Doug Latulippe
Jeannie, Tim, Jordan
Correctional Officer at Yadkinville prison
Fern and C.W.Casey
Jeannette M. Adams
Susan Ramsey
Elizabeth with Benjamin, Boone, N.C.
Pretty Girl at breakfast
Young Guy who waved on Blowing Rock Rd.
Erin, at bagel place
Barry, Charles and guys, Robert at Sleeping Place
Kelly, heading to Maine
Young Guy, great smile near A.S.U.
K.C. at Footsloggers
J.J., road kid
Jana Shafer
Dog Lover on King St.
Guys in white travelin’ van on Blowing Rock
Pretty girl who didn’t smile
low-five guitar Guy
Nice Lady at laundromat
Randy, Brandon, Christy, borrowed movie from
Heidi, waitress
Pretty Waitress at bagel place (got it.)
Tommy and Mrs. Clarence Cook
Jack and folks at "Country Retreat"
Kid who dropped all his Coke
Kevin and Sara
Young Guys in nice new Chevy, Linville Falls
Grover Jackson with Jett
Joey at the Texaco, Marion, N.C.
Rich at post office
Anita at post office
Man on bicycle, outskirts of Asheville, N.C.
Frank, at bar
Scarlet Doe and Mark Fletcher
Kid with smile
Frankie, on way to Columbus
Karla King, John Andres, MirkoBlahut at gas station, Richmond, KY
Jason Stewart Morgan
Melanie, blue eyes, Eric, Kathy
Bill Fort, pastor
Fady Isaac
Kid who backed up in his car, E.K.U.
Jack, at First Baptist
Alan, Ryan and everyone, Margaret, Sissy, Amber
Susan Van Hole (?), waitress
Rick and two friends at diner
Mike, truck, Lexington, KY
Steve, Marshal, Prof. Doug
Steve, to the ferry
Chuck Spice, at Asbury College
Steve Waggoner
Lelan Conway, Jim Trammell
Josh, artist
Nice Man at IGA
Stephanie Fitch and Sean
Cleaning lady at garden
Will, bass
Angie and Pat, food
Tim Riff and Joe
Jay and David, Frankfurt, KY
Nice Man from Green County
Jeremy’s Mom
Travis, on his way to Mexico
Frankfort Juvenile Agency
Brenda, Becky, Roger
Hunter and Davie, Nashville, TN
Robert offered me a ride
Marc McDougan and family, Whit House, TN
Dan, Kelly, Jim
Christina and friends in mini-van
Tracy from church
Lessie at Subway
Ryan, Jeannie and David at McD’s
TKR in Bowling Green, KY
Dan at Daily News
Sandra, in sales
Kimberley in rain
Jane Pearl and William Joiner
Amanda Lu North
Crandal, Jason, Brad
Noah and Greg
Donna, Lisa, Jen
Tony Hill, KY
Rev. Natalie R. Wimberly
David W. Grant, Sr.
Wesley Chapel, Greenville, KY
Wesley Chapel Men’s Chorus
Erika, Kentre, James, Levita, James, Sheral, Ms. Johnson
Tara, Kara, Tarlina, Manita, Dorothy, and everyone
Charlie, at South Hill
Ian, did some of A.T.
Little Girl I couldn’t talk to in Rochester, KY
Funny Guy, worked on road
Woman, waitin’ for bus on 4-wheeler
Delivery Guy, Greenville to Owensboro, KY
Tom at Prairie Rose and folks
Friendly Guys in White Plains, KY
Eddie Young, Denise and Andrea
Old Man who used to walk 15 miles to work
Nathaniel, Stacy, Kalan
Darla, Nana-Sue Alexander
Travis Henshaw, Sturgis, KY
Sam Burrage and Mike
Jim, little bridge to Princeton
Man, at Piggly Wiggly
Gary, who stopped about Lu
Laura at St. Francis’, Paducah, KY
Jimmy, David, Rosa, Roy
Paul, Carl, Martha, post office
Crystal, coffee books
The two charter drivers
Del, airport and Dr.Pepper
Carolyn and Carolyn
Joe, over bridge in Cairo, IL
Friendly Couple
Gene, reconsidered
Matt, engaged, did some walkin’
Alex, Megan, at mall
Nick and Nathan at cinema, Cape Girardeau, MO
Girl at Walmart
Boy, on bike in driveway
Ron and Debbie, thanks for dinner, couch and hat
Bradley, Ron’s brother
Steve, caravan, Marble Hill
Mike, Chrysler
Jackson’s Auto and Truck
Derek on bus
Amy and Erin
Angie and Joe, St. Louis, MO
Marshelle, Justin, Al, Liz, Stephanie, Ken, Kim, Laverne and Tia
Chris Spellmeyer
Dale Douma
Ron and Ron, bus station
Jim, Keith, Monett, Lawrence, Michael,and folks
Dianna, Tom, Audrey at Double Helix
Jen and Denis
Joe and Kerry, a place at the farm
Corrine and Guy who asked
Jeremy, on lunch break from park
Ron ($10) and Rick
Three timer
Theresa and Ruth
Stacy and Jessica
Greg, Rosanna, and Michael at Steamboat Junction
Doug and Steve, Portland, MO
Che, Jefferson City
Art and family
Jim, mean red-neck in a good mood
Scott, visiting younger brother
Beck with daughter, Tabitha
Aasim, Arnie at Cool Stuff, Columbia, MO
Louis, recognized me
James Steller
Brett and Carlos, bouncers, Kansas City, MO
Ruth, dancin’
Brother at diner
Jim (?)
Jennifer and the Wernicke’s
Jason, server, free lunch. Lawerence, KS
John, at big theatre
Jim at St. Margaret’s
Sean, salesman
Dustin, recognized
Stephanie, to Manhattan
Eric, a private
Freeman, waffles
Toni Olson
"Okay" Lady
Rev. David Weible
W. Dwight and Avis Pickerel and Heather Pearce, Salina, KS
Heather Pearce and Sara Beth
Riley, warnings
Eddie Adamonis, R.I. to Jackson Hole
Matt and Julie, Fri. after work, Denver, CO
Megan Leddy, hope you are well
Steffan, talked fast
Aranka and Daisy, hippy store
Mark and Hap and babby, Eva, Boulder, CO
Boulder bus Driver, I owe $1
Sarah, at laundry
Bob and Debbie
Kip, yard sales
Jim and Jerry Bear
Chris Alvery
Craig Evans
John, Bo, Craig at Kinko’s
Lu, outside tavern
Tim and Jeanne-Marie, Fort Collins
Anna Mercurio and Sarah Bresnahan
Truck driver Tim
Shawn Proctor and Gabe Jarvis, Tenille Green, Liberti Jarvis, Sweety, Chris White, Jake Ward, Derck, Jaymi Smith, Chalyce Waldron and all the Dirtheads
Tara Cronin
Frank Valterott and Girlfriend
Chuck, from Phoenix
Don, Jessica, Manuel, Charolette, Ian, Akim, Jason, Lester, Juanita, Suzanne and everyone
Laurice Crumley
Aibier, ‘67 Ford pick-up
Pucki, Wendy, Reno, Bailey and the owners
Glen and JB
Chuck and Mary Ann Convis, Carson City, NV
Cheech and the Other One
Joe, on snowmobile ($5)
Aaron and daughter, Charlene, Razorback Ridge
Adolph, Nathan, John, Mary, Katy, Kattle, Dan, "Dad" and Mary-Katherine
Jack and Deanna
Rachel Smith and James Woodard, Sacramento
Dotty and Terrance, a year on the island
Francis Clemens, Jr.
Eva, Martha, Don, in Berkley, CA
Benjamin Riveria
Greg, jetskis
Kim, at B.K.
Howard, cop
Two little girls and mother on Lincoln St., San Rafael
Man, about bus sign
Lady, who let me use bathroom
Owner of "Smiley’s"
Kara, San Francisco, CA
Kerri, Zen and Taylor
Jennifer and Ross
Kirsten and Elesha
J.M. Leonsky
Helko’s zip drive
Tony, at Kinko’s and Caroline
Richard Mantel
James Sloman, Nothing
Joe Hoffman, Legal Aid of Marin
Wendew Frades
Bren and Paula, at Peri’s, Fairfax
Mary and Magi Barror
Larry "Wand", fellow steel cowboy
Gentleman, who gave me my road test, Crescent City
Father, with flashlight
Tim Smith, from N.J.
Rob, in Portland, OR from CT
Tom and Dave ($20) Mitchel
Bobby Joe and Becka, sisters near Amanda Park
Chris, Shawn, Zack, and Nancy Majors
Paul, Quinalt Lake
Girl, at Mu Mou’s
Joe, was a P.O.W., appreciated me flyin’ the flag
Man and Wife, who stopped to see if I was o.k.
Shawn, Carquest
Sam, e.m.t.
Ambulance Driver, MT
Bearded Dude, in truck
Young Guy, in meter truck
Young Guy, in pick-up who stopped, Fargo, MN
Dammon Bruce, Tiffany, Leslie Korona Gaylord, Todd Midgyett
Page at Baker St.
Kelly Hobbs, KY
Jehane, N.Y.C.
Mona, N.Y.C.
Brothers, in Ford who offered help, Key West, FL
Off. J.D. Williams
Larry, tow truck driver
Danielle at T.K.’s

Justin and Jonathon, Kinko’s, Quincy, MA
Jehane , Mona, Rosadel, Lucia, Scott, Gabriel, at MTV
Andrew, D.C.
Goose, from Buenos Aires
Joe, future nature photographer, Savannah, GA
Chihirp Honma
Warren Westberg
Old Bearded Man, bicycle
Person, in red Camaro
Man, in little grey pick-up
Diedra, at walmart
Sheena, at D.Q.
Mari, Miserei
Chris, George, Lynn, on Amtrack
Randy, at Century Tire, Portland, ME
Steve, gave us a ride
Mike Oullette
Duncan Frazee
Rebecca Cormier and family
Steve Chadbourne
Sean, gettin’ Jeep seats
Terry, landscaper
Al and his Friend, caravan
Bob Faucher
Donald, animal control officer
Gloria, at City Clerk’s office

Mary Condit
Man. in tan and brown Dodge Ram, Dyersburg, TX
Love Child Juli
Friendly Texans
Nice Lady, with tiny dog
Heather Raffety, San Diego, CA
Lawrence and Lady Friend, stopped to check oil, gave me gloves and a breakfast biscuit
Nice Lady, light blue civic
Glen, gave me a flannel shirt
Chuck, Jody, Ben
Two Girls, in red car, CA
Dave, on the road, Holtville
Jim, did it by bike
Kathy, at Tacna market,AZ
Nice Old Lady, told me about spicket behind post office
Pastor Boling
Don and Beryl Schelbrack, Barstow
Archie and Patsy Goforth
Nice Lady, in white Buick at on ramp, Wilcox
Bill, Richard, Dave, Rudy, Sam, Dave, Jimmy, Steve, Tommy, Lordsburg, NM
Meredith, Gage
David and family
Old Man, in little white truck, gave me 3 warm burritos, Mesquite, TX
Ron, from Bangor in Kent
Young elder in Pecos, humility
Mary, Nancy, Jacqueline
Nice Guy, in Bronco II
Amos, workin’ with kids, Dover, DE
Brandie and Mo
Thumper and Miss Jean, Bowers Beach
Judge Bodden, Portland, ME
Robert and Maureen Cheesman
Laura Anzalone and Jon Barnett
Randy Carlson
Rev. Margaret Lawson
Rick and Celeste Glover

Mary Ann and Richard, Shanghai Saloon, Carabelle, FL
Mike Murphy, Sea Breeze r.v. park
Kelly, gave me a jump
Steve Norris, Port St. Joe
Herman and Lillian
Royce B. Coker
Robert and Gayle Bowers
Paul Sullivan and Sarah Miller
Tony Photopoulus
Suzannah, GA
Rachel Brown
Melissa Hoes
Duinde, Monica, Daniel, Chris, Baron, Brim, and everyone in the forest
C. Harold Turner and family, Brunswick, GA
Tommy Wildes and family
Michelle at Portland Motor Vehicles
Joe Edwards, a bus driver, Brunswick
Roofer, on his way to collect
H.L. and Linda Deason
Elise at Enterprise, Brunswick, GA
Nice Guy, in ‘86 Ford pick-up
Young Guys, who offered
Megan and Josie, from Seattle
Twon, on way back to Norfolk
Lauren Tirrell, Portland, ME
Jeff, Chris and everyone, at campsite
Hildi, at Wolfe’s Neck
Ron and Moe, N.H.
Robert O’Connell
Allyson Hornstein
Charley Swanson, Willard and other Man, who helped
Draft horse guy
Yoon and Ben, Portland, ME
Mathew, Brunswick, GA

Pat, Fay, Janet, Tallahassee, FL
Girl, who ask to join them
Michael Smith
Steve Norris and Family
Bernie Sutherland
Uncle Dick and Carol
Cheryl, black Camry, rte.128
Carson, gettin’ married to Heather
Tom, R.I. to CT.
Friendly guy, on subway, N.Y.C.
Tom Morris
Sean, state policeman ($10)
Older Man, on way to PA
Ken, to N.J.
Brian, Carney Point policeman
Linda, then with Bill and Rob to VA
ol’ Boy in ‘97 GMC
Rick and Dave, landscapers to N.C.
Baltazar Roberto
James Prince, South Carolina
Kelly, never picks up hitch-hikers
Ken Parmale, to GA with a full belly and pockets
Tom Dennard
Hostel Friends, headed out
Chris, offered
Jack, visiting brother ($5)
Joe Davis
Scott, young ol’boy truckin’
Missy with Joe, God speed
R.G. Davis, stay awake
Colin, banana
"Oli", from Mexico
Alex, goin’ home to be with wife
Young woman, in little white pick-up with grandma and baby, Houston, TX
Richard, drunk ol’ boy on a mission to Austin
Donnie and Betty Metcalf, a mattress and a bathroom, Johnson City
John and Leya, peace
Drunk old man, in beat up truck with a puppy Chihuahua
Ed, on way home from conference, Monahans
Sierra with Bianca and Andrea, a haven in Pecos, TX
Robert Bradford O'Connell
Thelma, bought me an ice cream on her birthday, outside Dallas
Dave, Julie, Nicki, oil and other liquids, Wesley, ME

Nice lady who managed the York laundry mat, York, Me
Eddie Browning for his help and friendship, Clyo, Ga
the girls on the balcony, Perdido Key, Fl

Debbie, tried to give me $20 for dogfood, I kept refusing she fept, insisting, Job good got the expensive stuff, today, Lottie, La
Lester, police officer who gave us an escort across a 4 mile bridge that had no side walk or breakdown lane and $5, Courtableau, La
Greg Gaspard, the pastor of Unity Baptist Church, he and his wife Liz gave me dinner while Job played with their dog then let me shower up and sleep in the church. Job wanted to stay with "Patso" outside, Opelousas, LA
Bill, offered a ride
Dexter, offered a ride
Construction worker, "good luck", Basile, La
Ben, a veterinarian, asked how Job was doin' and offered me $10.
I asked, "What's that for?"
He said, "You're on a long journey aren't you?"
I said, "Yes."
He said, "I'm a Christian and I just wanted to help a little."
I said, "O.k., thank you," near Le Blanc, LA
Brenda, gave me a ride to church then offered Job and I a neighbor's camp to rest and relax at for the day (I usually take Sunday's off).
Jessie, at church took us out for dinner, near Reeves, LA
Two dudes in truck, offered me a ride
Young guy headed to Thicket pullin' old horse trailer, offered me a ride
Charlie and Catherine Doyal who I met at church and let me work on my gear at their house and stay for the night, First Baptist Church, Saratoga
Shannon Fox and family, for everything, making me a temporary member of the family, Conroe, Tx
John Russel McCann, Conroe, Tx
Rick Mercado, Conroe,
Cindy, at the Conroe Humane Society, Conroe, Tx
Patrick Smotek, for helping me get Job to a vet when he hurt his foot, Lyons, Tx
Jacqueline Bray, for takin' in two strays, Caldwell, Tx
Horris Jackson, for giving me some work
Michelle Brack and family for extending a hand in friendship
Pastor John and the folks at Harvest Cove Famliy Church for their hospitality
Tony, offered a ride twice
Young guy in little black import, offered me a ride a few miles outside of town, Caldwell, Tx
Laurie and Mark Emond, for giving me more work
Steve Bond<, for his generostiy and prayers

Christian Kryger, for a ride home in the dark.

Gretchen, for being more than an indifferent voice on the phone after I called a dozen dentists for some help Paul Foster, was on his way home from work and offered me a ride into Limerick, Ireland
Benjamin Curti, from Switzerland offered me a ride in his VW bus, County Kerry, Ireland
Tobi, Kim (a guy), Thomas and Mr.Cool, all for rides, Sweden
Teit, for reaching out to a stranger, friendship, Helsingor, Denmark
Dutch man, on his bike who stopped and offered me directions, outside of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jan, who was walking his mastiff and invited me to breakfast, Abcoude, Netherlands
One of 3 dudes who gave me the thumbs up on the jetty, Hoek van Holland
Dvid Patriaca and family for a nice meal and good company, Caserta, Italy
Steve Chadborne, a bus driver and friend, for offering support, Portland, Me
Carmine Cocorocchio and family for welcoming into their home, Sant Elia Fiumerapido, Italy
All the people of Caserta, Cassino and Sant Elia, Italy who adopted me and helped me find my family
Tina Delay and family for friendship and support, Astoria, Oregon

James Davis, for hooking me up with work
Wally and Diane Nelson, for a place to get cleaned up
Nice lady, in silver car wo stopped in the middle of the night to see if I needed help
Bill Farnum, for giving me a place to stay while I put in new tranny
Pete, Manny and Ben Goza for their generosity and making me feel like part of the group (and taking me water skiing)

Jerry Mullen, for letting me work on gear out of his garage and for all his help, Morro Bay, Ca
Jeremiah O’Brien, for all his help and letting a couple of stowaways sleep on the “Aguero”
Cat, for trusting her instincts and inviting me to lunch
Crystal Martinez, for road support
Owl, for extending a hand in friendship, Arroyo Grande, Ca
Trucker in red cab with silver trailer who swung wide on Los Berros Rd
Daniel Zheng, for offering a place to stay, Santa Maria, Ca
Folks in white Tempo, who pulled up and wished me well as I was fixing gear
Debbie Becker, for stopping, reaching out and being so helpful regarding police harassment
Jamie and the guys at the Mural House, for being so friendly, Isle Vista, Ca
Woman, in small suv who pulled out of long fancy driveway and asked if I needed help
Patricia, Tim for stopping and reaching out to a stranger
J and R, a couple of “so-called spiritual seekers” who invited me to their farm and for all the hospitality
Greg Reide and Laura, for everything, Ventura, Ca
Truck driver, who pulled out in front of me to slow me down in Wyoming
Rick, at Staples for putting the charity flyers on the house, Oxnard, Ca
Al and Rick Perez, for use of their tools Ventura, Ca
Ryan Comerford, offered a ride, Los Osos, Ca
Lauren Waswo, for the card and gifts
Ryan Comerford, offered a ride, again, Los Osos, Ca
Mary Louise, for being so friendly,
Mark and Rocko, being friendly and offering sponsorship, near Summerland, Ca
Truck driver with load of palettes for being considerate
Marocel, for a ride off the dangerous stretch of highway, near Stinson Beach, Ca
Mark, carpenter on his way to work, for a ride, Bolinas, Ca

Person in little grey and maroon pick-up who waived, Webster, Ma
Dennis, bought me a beer with my dinner, Gaslight Cafe, Webster, Ma
Older gentleman in blue mini-van who waved, Woodstock, Ct
Young guy with young lady in compact car, big wave, Woodstock, Ct
Man in blue pick-up with blue cap who waved on 190 in Union, Ct
Folks at "Dad's" for their hospitality and good food, Port Jervis, NY
Michael J O'Connell, for saving Job, Weymouth, Ma