There are many things we can not change in life, but there are some things we can something about so as to lighten the load we must carry through life. Not knowing who you are or where you come from may be one of these things so if you have the chance to do something about it, I would recommend you do, whatever it is.

I have the key to this room. The priest of the church in this little town gave it to me after he found my grandfather's name in an old hanwritten ledger of births kept in a back room of the church, born Febuary 24, 1908 to Clemente Cocorocchio and Emilia Innamorata, which means "love". He said I could stay here (though he doesn't speak English). The church doesn't use it. It's tucked into the ground floor of a building in the residential area near the town square. I'm sleeping in tomorrow. No more sneaking away after midnight and getting up before dawn so no one finds me, atleast for a couple days.

The girls at the social services in Caserta called the number I had found. It turned out Armando Cocorocchio and I weren't related, but the girls kept looking and before I knew it Maddalena was walking me to the train station to catch the train to Cassino, a smaller city further north, where I was to call Carmine Cocorocchio, who drove in from Sant'Elia Fuimerapido, a small town in the foothills, and picked me up.

*Alfredo Canelli, Maria Luisa De Camillus, Licia Polverino, Antonietta Natale, Angela Vecchione, Angela Mondrone, Federica Farina and Maddalena Trotta at the Comune di Caserta, Servizi Sociali, for all their help.
*Armando Cocorocchio, for taking the time out of his day to drive into the city office and meet me and then call all his relatives to help me, though we were not related.
*Carmine Cocorocchio and family, for picking me up in Cassino with his son and driving me out to Sant'Elia Fiumerapido and bringing me home to meet his family and give me lunch and then having his daughter, who was very pretty, drive us in to town to the Municipio, though we may not be family.
*Ennia and the other nice lady at the Municipio who found my grandfather in the town records!
*Marano Aniello for bringing me over to the church, and making sure I had a place to stay.
*the other nice gentleman who's name was Cocorocchio who along with Marano and the other men in the park, some who's name was also Cocorocchio, tried to figure out who I was related to.
*Allilio Pacillo, for helping translate for me with Father Marandola and walking me to my room.
*Don Reno Marandola, for looking for and finding my grandfather's name in the church records and for giving me a place to stay.

'night Grandpa.